Atropos, goddess of Fate

One of the three Moirai, goddesses of fate and destiny. Her Roman equivalent is Morta.

Traits Edit

She has the appearance of a withered old woman, bitter and unnerving. Her eyes are flinty gray, piercing to the soul to look upon. Her countenance is of one who has seen endless stories, lives, and agony. The air is colder around her figure, and her presence generally brings a nervous tension to the room. Her voice is raspy, but strong. She has a quick temper and will not tolerate insubordination of any kind.

Mythical Background Edit

Atropos 2

Atropos is the oldest of the Three Fates, and is known as the "inflexible" or "inevitable." It was Atropos who chose the mechanism of death and ended the life of each mortal by cutting their thread with her "abhorred shears." She works along with her two sisters, Clotho, who spun the thread, and Lachesis, who measured the length. She cannot necessarily see the future, but she is wise to the passage of time and uses her knowledge to pick out patterns from history in order to somewhat predict the future.

Dealings with TARP Edit

Besides the obvious connection with the lives of each TARPer, she has a special relationship with Xandra Trelawney. She had employed Xandra in work against the fledgling group TARP, but eventually instead of helping bring this group to its knees, Xandra ran off with it, committing betrayal of the highest kind. Atropos swore punishment upon the young witch, and commanded the secret sect known as the Guardian Sisters of Suicide to exact her revenge. The Order hunted for Xandra, but the still unclassified magical barrier surrounding TARP protected her from Atropos' rage for several months, until Xandra willingly stepped away from the protection on a personal quest. They quickly found her and cursed her, making her the first known mortal to be cursed since 1943. The effects of this curse are still yet unknown. (See here and here for more information on the curse and/or its effects) Though she has satisfied her thirst for revenge, she is rumored to still harbor a deep resentment for Xandra and TARP in general.