Arianne Walters (A.K.A. Firestriker) is the heir to the throne of Raatpim, a large kingdom which covers a supercontinent on its home planet, after the suspicious death of her father, she disguised herself as an orphan and travelled among many lower nobles to discover his murderer. Several years after her plan had begun, she discovered that a new queen had been placed on the throne in her absence, and thus far has not reclaimed it.



Arianne was raised in the castle of her family, the house of Walter, during the reign of Walter V, her grandfather, and her father, Walter VI. She was originally a very energetic and flighty youth, regularly forcing her father to wander around the castle halls at night trying to find her. She also had a habit of spending much of her time in trees- to her mother's greatest dismay- including sleeping.

Teenage yearsEdit

As her flightiness had done so many ties previously, she began a romantic adventure with a young noble who had come to the kingdom but a year previously, and almost a week after they began eloping, he disappeared mysteriously. After that time, she became very serious, and spent most of her time in her trees, writing in her diary, or hunting. Even her feelings to the young noble-to-be Hadawaithe were suppressed because of her lack of faith in love. Which once again increased after the death of her Father.

Operation FirestrikerEdit

Her mother had died but a month before her father, so many attributed his death to sorrow. But Arianne knew that her father had as many strong feelings for Queen Egarin as she herself did (it was an arranged marriage), and so began to search for the real killer in what was referred to by the court records as: Operation Firestriker. She consulted with her longtime friend, Lord Hadawaithe, who assisted her in becoming anonymous, as she kept the kingdom in order through correspondence with him.

The End of the OperationEdit

One day during her anonymous travels, she came back to the capital, and during that time, a new queen had been placed on the throne, and not only was she a new queen, but the brother of Lord Hadawaithe, who had apparently been lying to Arianne this entire time. After a quick confrontation, Hadawaithe was assassinated by enemies of the state, and she discovered that there had been another queen before the one she saw, who had also been assassinated. Deciding it was no longer safe for members of the royal family, whether she was anonymous or not, and left for unknown lands.


Firestriker can be at times the ultimate tomboy, challenging anyone who messes with her and occasionally showing off her well hidden knife. But she will have moments of girliness when excited (which rarely happens). She is very snarky, but reinforces her snark with her dagger.


MyStyle (7)

She is usually seen wearing a scarlet fighting tunic, but whenever she isn't wearing it, she wears something of a similar color. She carries her bow and quiver on her back, her two scimitars are strapped obviously to her waist, and holds a long ironwood staff, which can be more dangerous than her two swords. No matter how hard anyone looks, nobody can ever find her favorite dagger unless she has it out, and then it tends to move too fast for anyone to get a good look at.

She has long blond hair, which is either in curls or braided into a single thick braid. She has stormy grey eyes, which seem to reflect her mood very well. She isn't very tall, but makes up for it in agility, and most people who fight her end up on the ground before her height can become a disadvantage.