Welp. I’m back again. And it’s loooong overdue for me to releas some thoughts.

Ah! One: My adorable idjit of a dog, is soon to be a father!!! And he has no clue, honestly, like... no clue Whatsoever. It’s great, trust me.

Two: I am close to finishing my first Novel! I’m super exited about this because I have been working on it since May of 2016. You can find it on Wattpad, it’s called ”The white tiger”

Three: (and this one’s my true thought strand for the day.)

Anyone else listen to music and are immediately teloported into another world? Like, you can listen to different genres of music, film scores, trailer music, house music, dubstep, pop, all these styles and whatnot, and at least 80% of those songs are gonna get you thinking about being a hero, or a villain, or lost, or something.

I find that trailer music always entails slow motion. Film scores usually have me playing out the scene from the movie the music is for, and things like harp or vocal music usually get me thinking about forests, or stunning landscapes, riding horses, or flying peacefully.

I think it’s amazing what your brain can do with the right imagination.