Ál-Bethkar Edit

Ál-Bethkar (birth name Charn Eldernow Karsan) is a warrior noble from the great island of Stryll, far out in the great ocean of Adlothnen. As a member of the fabled House of Kar, famous for the establishment of the Pillar of Kings just off the coast of Pylando, he was born into a life of sumptuous luxury, and was lucky to be one of the few survivors of the attack on Styll by the Ash Brotherhood. Thereafter, he took for himself the name Ál-Bethkar, meaning in his native tongue "He of Fabled Fire" or "Foretold Anger". He became the leader of huge numbers of tribal desert clans, who praised his renowned swordsmanship, revolutionary tactics, and fearsome anger. Eventually rising to become one of the High Marshals of the Empire, in the year 324A, the first such achievement for an elven general, he led an attack on the now smoking ruin of Stryll, in which he conquered the island, but was attacked by the Assassin Chiisi, leader of the Brotherhood. Their duel was legendary, lasting six days, and during which none other could come close to them, Brotherhood or Empire, due to the force of their blows clashing against one another. Finally Chiisi risked a manoeuvre, and failed, dying, but managing to mortally wound Ál-Bethkar. On his deathbed, Ál-Bethkar was finally crowned Lord of Stryll, and fulfilled his destiny. On account of his accomplishments, the Divines brought him to TARP, and healed him

Early life Edit

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