The Amusement Park Incident

An amusment park, of all places, I was an idiot for going along with the idea, but I do that sometimes. Besides, both Emma AND Jethro wanted to go, and for reasons that would take their own book to explain, I couldn't say no to those two. 

"So many people...." Emma salivated beside me. I gave her a small look, she was a lot cuter when she was hungry, like that time when she wanted to kill me after we had first met, it was all I could do to stop myself from fawning over her and fight back then.

"Come on Jethro!" Ryuu exclaimed cheerfully, he was kind of pretty, but naive and boring, not somebody I would want to spend any significant time with.

Jethro nervously swallowed, HE was fun, I liked him a lot, he could flirt well, but he resisted anything past a certain point, so he still provided a fun challenge. "No thanks," he said. I don't know why an amusement park would have scared him all that much, he flew through the stars and fought hideous monsters, but crowds of happy, and pretty for the most part, people scared him? I might have to ask him about that.

I put aside my concerns about the amusement park, and let out a vicious grin, "This should be fun."

Emma could hardly contain herself, she was spinning in circles, still salivating at the mouth, "It's like a buffet table." Oh gods it was beautiful.

However, before I could respond, we heard the sound of a large explosion across the park, followed by a chorus of screaming in the same direction. We just can't avoid this stuff can we?

Jethro snapped around towards the screaming, his face paled, "See!" He shouted, "This is why!" I'm not sure what he was talking about, Jethro's a very confusing person, I like him.

"Not from a roller coaster," Ryuu said, and I was a little irritated at his blatant pointing out of the obvious.

Emma wasted no time and started running towards the sound, Jethro and I following close behind, I think Ryuu did the same, I didn't care much either way.

We shoved through the crowds, adding to the commotion as we swam upstream. After finally pushing through the swarm of humans, we caught sight of a black archer standing atop the broken remains of a roller coaster. And he was laughing.

Now don't get me wrong, I love laughing, I love it almost as much as I do watching the face of some poor innocent realize what they've gotten themself into. But this was cruel laughter, a sadistic laughter that brought chills to my heart. I didn't like him.

"What's his malnfunction?" Emma asked, looking up at the archer.

Jethro covered his eyes and shook his head, "Why is he standing up there...?"

The archer looked down from his perch and noticed us, a wide grin suddenly spreading across his face before he let out another laugh, "Hello there little world-savers! I was wondering when I would get to meet you!"

Ryuu tilted his head in confusion, "Why are you laughing so much?" I resisted the urge to strangle him at that.

"Can I eat him?" Emma asked, and I could have sworn I saw her lick her lips.

Jethro shrugged in response, "If you can reach him."

The archer bellowed in a dramatic voice, "I am Anagondi! Servant of the great Noli, sower of chaos and discord!" He was starting to get on my nerves more than Ryuu.

Emma raised her eyebrow, "Good for you?" Oh my gods the way she raises her eyebrow, if she keeps up like this I won't be able to resist myself.

Jethro scoffed, "Dude. Your mom must have been eating alphabet soup when she named you."

The long-named archer's eyes flashed red and he set an arrow to his bow in the blink of an eye, "Do not speak of my mother so haughtily," his voice was as full of steel as the shattered remains of a roller coaster he was standing on.

Ryuu said something, but as soon as I heard his voice I tuned out. After that I think Jethro subtely tried to call the sadistic archer a coward, which seems like a kind of weird thing to say to a servant of Fear don't you think? Then Emma said something in a worried voice and Jethro kept on challenging Anagondi. I don't pay attention when fights are about to start that don't involve me. Well, I think I started to after this one.